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How do I start to design my custom Log Home Outfitters?

At Log Home Outfitters, we offer our design services FREE of CHARGE.  When we start the custom designing process from our office, we recommend that you review many of the log home floor plans from our site as well as look into other publications for ideas, such as log home magazines.  Keep an open mind because from the smallest to largest of floor plans may offer an idea or design criteria that could be incorporated into your log home floor plan.

Once you have come up with designs and features that you like, we then sit down with you and start to sketch ideas on paper to start the beginning of your new Log Home Outfitters home.


From the sketch we will then put the proposed floor plan into our 2D CAD system in our office.  This service is free of charge.  This step allows you to get a real idea of the space usage in your floor plan by full dimensioning the floor plan and indicating things such as fireplaces, bed rooms and beds, bathroom fixtures and their layout, kitchen layout with appliances, dining rooms, great rooms, and also garages.  Itís not uncommon for this phase of the design process to take 2-3-4 times as the floor plan gets improved and tweaked from version to version.  This step is included in our services to you from Log Home Outfitters.


If you should need to see a representation of your custom floor plan in more of a three dimensional version, we offer these services as well.  We will than offer taking your plan from 2D to the 3D world.  To offer this service to our clients and with the time it takes to create these models, Log Home Outfitters will require a design deposit on your custom designed floor plan.  This deposit goes 100% towards your Log Home Outfitters log home package and if you should not pursue Log Home Outfitters, than the plans will be yours for you to do with you like.  These fees are dependent upon living sq. ft., garages, porches, and decks.  If you should decide to go through this option, you will receive more detailed plans on all floors of the log home including the basement and all the exterior elevations in a 3D model format.  If you should decide to have a 3D model of your plan created, we will notify you of the design costs up front.  These costs will need to be paid prior to the design model being started.  If there is revisions to the 3D model that need to be seen prior to going into a Purchase Agreement with Log Home Outfitters, we can estimate those fees at that time.


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